You were born with perfect skin. Smooth, glowing, clear, wrinkle free, and strong. Why isn’t it perfect any longer?

Recent scientific discoveries have proven that your microbiome, the universe of millions of organisms that live inside your human body and on your skin, has THE BIGGEST EFFECT on how your body ages, internally and externally.

When your microbiome is balanced, your body can absorb nutrients and protect itself from outside attacks. When it isn’t balanced, all these systems that help you live longer and feel better FAIL. For your skin this failure means visible signs of premature aging.


While many skincare products claim to be “miracle cures” and “anti-aging”, almost ALL of them use ingredients that don’t heal or fortify your skin’s microbiome, but actually damage your microbiome.

This is why the Analomia team used SCIENTIFIC studies and facts to develop the first face cream that contains all the ingredients needed to empower your microbiome, while also undoing the damage that years of exposure to the world and bad ingredients has done to you.

The result? Analomia Microbiome Face Cream. A formula that helps your microbiome to flourish, so you can have skin that looks and feels more like the original skin you were born with, every time you use it.


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